Planned Gift to NYPL for Performing Arts

I have just completed a deed of gift to transfer to the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts a large part of life’s work in the form of interviews with classical music and theatre artists, scrapbooks of photos and articles, correspondence, scores, and video documents of my collaborations with – among others – Thomas Hampson, Peter Hofmann, and so many more, along with monetary support for their digitalization and preservation.  The Music Division at Lincoln Center is now in possession of some eighty-seven tapes, in order for them to begin the preservation process, and the rest will transfer to them over the years, but no later than upon my death.  Since I am still working as a journalist, this collection will likely grow over the years as well. The Library will offer the collection as the Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold Collection for research purposes.  For almost forty years when I lived and worked in New York, the Lincoln Center Library was invaluable to me in my career as an arts journalist, so this is a small acknowledgement of the tremendous resources  they preserve and a tribute to the many wonderful artists with whom I have had the privilege to come in contact and who have so enriched my life.

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