Monthly Archives: November 2015

November Writings

I continue to enjoy working for Broadway World, Scene 4, and Fanfare. My articles for Scene 4 lately have been about poetry, literature, and their ties to opera. Below I have posted a recent piece on the French poet André Chénier and the opera he inspired. December will carry my article about finding John Keats for my work on the Adonais libretto. The Maine theatre scene is slow around the holidays, but check out my review and feature on the magnificent world premiere of Rob Urbinati’s play, Mama’s Boy, at the Good Theater on Broadway World Maine page, as well as a piece on a delightful production of The Music man at Portland’s Lyric Music Theatre.

Finally, CAROUSEL and OTHER STORIES has gone to press!

André Chénier: Poetry on the Guillotine


Across a large, blood-scrawled banner inscribed with the infamous words of Robespierre: Même Platon a banni des poètes de sa République! (Even Plato banished poets from his republic) hung over the stage of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden for the new Sir David McVicar production of the opera, Andrea Chénier, which opened in January 2015, shortly after the tragedy in Paris at Charlie Hebdo, where terrorists massacred twelve members of the publication’s staff for airing their views in print. Suddenly, Giordano’s verismo opera seemed to take on a frighteningly contemporary relevance, with its hero, the 18th century French poet, André Chénier, condemned as much for his writings as his supposed politics, a powerful symbol for freedom of speech and a hymn to poetry as the voice of truth and beauty. Read entire article here. (originally published in Scene 4 Magazine, November 1, 2015)

October Scribblings

headerOctober has seen the completion of my manuscript for a new collection of short stories entitled, CAROUSEL and Other Stories, due to be released by Weiala Press in February 2016. The manuscript is heading to the printers this November. (Read more here). I also am continuing to work on my Jonas Kaufmann critical history, now writing about the year 2013 – so we are slowly approaching the present day, and I am very excited to see where this goes! On the Maine scene, I covered the exciting exhibition at Bowdoin Museum called Night Vision and the world premiere of Rob Urbinati’s play, Mama’s Boy. You can read these pieces by clicking on their respective links.