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New Video Series of Theatre Profiles

Procession, reception and retrospective for Michael Mitchell, the artistic director for the Fulton Opera House. Curt Dale Clark sings "Danny Boy." (Wenger)

I am excited to report that I have just embarked on a new series of mini-video profiles about theatre artists working in or visiting Maine.  These will be published on Broadway World‘s Maine site throughout the course of the next year.  The first is on the amazing Curt Dale Clark.  I have lined up director Brian P. Allen and director/choreographer Raymond Marc Dumont next, so stay tuned.  I have also created a page on this blog to archive the videos so you can access them here, at Broadway World, or on my You Tube Channel.

Many Voices, Many Steps, One Dream Documentary Released

fameAfter a summer of interviewing and filming the young theatre interns at Maine State Music Theatre, I have completed long and short cuts of my documentary, which can be seen on You Tube, Broadway World, and MSMT’s online pages. The project chronicles the learning experience these young artists experienced at one of the nation’s most prestigious and elite theatre internship programs. READ MORE here and explore the links to the films, the raw footage interviews, and print articles.

End of Summer and New Projects

After a busy August covering Maine State Music Theatre and fulfilling assignments for Scene 4, Broadway World, Talkin’ Broadway,  and Fanfare magazines, I am also wrapping up a very exciting project described below:

Many Voices, Many Steps, One Dream: The Intern Program at Maine State Music Theatre

fameThis summer I had the privilege to follow the careers of twenty-three young theatre professionals who participated in the prestigious Maine State Music Theatre’s summer internships. I am currently assembling a short, fifteen-minute  documentary film for MSMT’s use consisting of interviews, snippets of performances, and discussions with the artistic and creative teams at the theatre. The project will also eventually include a short version of the film for Broadway World, as well as a You Tube collection of the uncut interviews. I am deeply indebted to everyone at MSMT for their support of this project, especially Curt Dale Clark (Artistic Director), Stephanie Dupal (Managing Director), Carol Marquis (Director of Communications), ray Dumont (Director/Choreographer) and all the delightful and talented “kids” who participated! It has been an amazing adventure for me!

April Brings Stories about Casting at MSMT and Art of the Harlem Renaissance

curtstephAmong my last month’s published features are a story about Maine State Music Theatre’s casting puzzle (from Broadway World) (click here), coverage of Bowdoin College’s exhibit Letters and Shadows: African-American Art and Literature Since the Harlem Renaissance from Scene 4 Magazine (click hereand interview s with soprano Maria Knapik (click here) and the trio of Carole Fitzpatrick, Robert Barefield and Russell Ryan (click here) in Fanfare, as well as the usual coverage of the Maine theatre and music scenes. Enjoy!

December Arts Beat

Check out a recent Talkin’ Broadway‘ s article on Maine State Music Theatre’s dynamic new leadership:

New at the Helm: Curt Dale Clark and Stephanie Dupal
Chart MSMT’s Course

curtsteph“We knew how much work it would be, but it was a truly remarkable season,” his partner, Managing Director Stephanie Dupal, concurs. We were especially pleased at how our audience came on board and accepted the choices we made. And we were financially, as well as artistically successful!””Euphoric might be too grand a word to describe the feeling, but something close to that,” Artistic Director Curt Dale Clark declares, describing the feeling of having successfully completed his first official year at the helm of Maine State Music Theatre.

Though the 2014 summer season, the company’s fifty-sixth, was actually not the first association with MSMT for either of these dynamic theatre professionals, it was technically their first at the helm of this venerable and acclaimed regional theatre. Dupal, who has been with the company for twenty-one years in various other administrative positions, admits that though her job description was very similar to what it had been as Interim Managing Director the prior season, “It was nice to be able to make decisions with Curt as a team and to know that now we can plan ahead for the next five to ten years.” READ MORE at New at the Helm in Talkin’ Broadway, October 19, 2014.


last month’s Scene4 Magazine coverage of Portland’s Good Theatre:

Portland’s Good Theater: The Name Says It All!

briansteve“I was doing a great deal of freelance work, and Steve [Underwood, co-founder/Production Manager] and I had been touring his play, Radical Radio, and we got a chance to produce Over the River and Through the Woods at the St. Lawrence Center here in Portland. That went well, and as a result in 2001 we were invited to become the Center’s theatre-in-residence. We are now starting our thirteenth season,” Brian P. Allen, Artistic Director of the company recounts enthusiastically.

“Our philosophy has been to focus on the productions we are doing and create really good theatre – hence our name. In the decade since 2001 we have grown exponentially. We went from being non-existent to having one thousand subscribers, and we have operated at ninety-five percent capacity for the past two years. In the recent rough economic period, conversely, our donations went up. I think people like what we do and know we work hard to put together a nice mix. Steve and I feel so incredibly blessed to work in the profession we love and to be able to do the shows we want with amazing artists. That is a gift!”  READ MORE at Portland’s Good Theater: The Name Says It All in Scene4 Magazine, November 1, 2014.


an exclusive interview with legendary soprano Jeannine Altmeyer at www.peterhofmannstartenor.wordpress.com, and the exciting collaboration with composer Daniel Steven Crafts on an opera about poet John Keats.